Professional, Custom-Tailored Filmed Interview. A “Time Capsule” From You To Your Child.

Now you’re a family! Welcome to not only a surprising but an incredibly emotional and wonderful beginning to your new life. This experience will be different from your life before… get ready to expect the unexpected!

As new parents, taking the time to breathe and slowly break into your “newly turbulent” daily routine will provide you with insight. Insight, on the values you want to raise your child with; Insight on how you envision your life ahead and moreover an appreciation of the full happiness of this new moment.

It is this unique moment that we would like to capture for your child. A very private portrait that encompasses your values, dreams and hopes for you and your child. A picture that shows where your family started, its beginnings. Think of it as a future message to and for your child, which you can treasure like a time capsule and share it with them one day.

Maybe Switzerland is only one chapter in the life of your new family, and you will move on, maybe your life is here. In any case: For your child, this is the beginning, a time they will not remember when they are older. A time we can help you capture and preserve.

Making of an Interview

Thanks to Elijah and Klara for standing in.





We really didn’t know what to expect from the Zeitschatz interview and were completely surprised by the emotional depth and beautiful topics that emerged. With the typical stress of everyday family life with a small child it isn’t very often that we find the time to speak in peace and quiet. This is exactly what Zeitschatz made it possible for us to do – to calm down and talk to each other. The interview was structured by great questions that encouraged talking about such beautiful, important things that often get lost in the flurry of everyday life. What particularly touched us was to concretely imagine our son Nelio in the future, to talk to him and communicate to him our aspirations for him. Zeitschatz creates joy in anticipating what’s to come – we’re curious to see how our family’s future will actually unfold and what the then almost grown-up Nelio will think about what we’re saying in the video.

About us

Helena Vagnières, Hedi Bäbler, Christine Munz

Professional chronologists capturing your parental insights and feelings during your infant’s early childhood through image, lighting, and sound, we are an all-women team with more than twenty years of experience in cinema and television. Our personal know-how not only encompasses directing, camerawork, and editing, but also motherhood. With us, you’ll feel at ease while we professionally and respectfully evoke and frame this intimate part of your life.

Hedi Bäbler, Film Academy Budapest, Master of Arts, Directing
Interviewer und Editor

Hedi Bäbler IMDB Hedi Bäbler

Christine Munz, Photographer / ZHdK, Master of Arts, DoP

Christine Munz bildstand.ch Cinematographinnen/Christine Munz

Helena Vagnières, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, DoP (Documentary), Member Swiss Film Academy

Helena Vagnières IMDB Helena Vagnières


Since every film is unique, the exact price of any project is ultimately determined by your aspirations and the criteria you specify. We would be happy to put together a custom offer for you, which can range from a straightforward, intimate interview to a fully developed portrait. We’ll figure out the perfect format for you.


CHF 1200

For an intimate, authentic interview we limit ourselves to a one-woman team.

Depending on whether you want to tell your child your wishes and plans or if you want to show him or her your life, the interviewer with a camera or the camerawoman will come to your home for a 60-80 minute conversation.

This material will then be professionally processed into a film portrait of you of about 30-40 minutes length.

Wrapped in a time capsule, you will have a documentation, a memory of this intense time for which your child will be grateful.


CHF 2800 – 3200

Based on our experience this is the price for a film portrait made by us.

In a preliminary talk we will first discuss your wishes, ideas and ideas for the portrait and make you an offer.

For the actual interview we will come to your home with our equipment (sound, light and cine camera) in pairs (interviewer and camerawoman). If you wish, we can also shoot at your favourite location or at the place where you met. It could also be a studio or a park. Just as you like it.

The interview lasts about 80 minutes, after which we shoot one/two scenes with you so that your child will experience in the future what you are like now.

From this material we create your very personal, unique film portrait of about 50 minutes. In addition, we also compile a “Best of…,” a short clip as your own keepsake.

Wrapped in a time capsule you will have a priceless memory of this intense time, a unique gift for your child.


from CHF 5000

Maybe you would like to commission a fully developed snapshot entailing numerous locations, a scene involving you with your child together, scenes with friends, your pets, every day routine, the city you live in, Drone pictures… Whatever you want to show to your child in the future. Your own creative imagination determines our price.


CHF 400

We have recently conducted interviews with many new parents. On and again it appeared: the beginning is a swirl, in which the relationship often comes up short. Many couples were touched and grateful to have to have had the time to deal with themselves and their relationship.

That is why we have decided to offer a film interview with a one-woman crew. We will give you the material unprocessed. Maybe you are creative and want to edit the material yourself into one selfmade gift for your child. Or you decide to have it edited by us in 10 years. If not, you will have a genuine, maybe a little long document for your child, but for both of you a moment of reflexion and always a reminder of what holds you together and what gives you strength.


There are stories that want to be told before they disappear forever.

There are dear ones we want to keep forever in our hearts.

There are moments when we want to make time stand still.

We exist for all these memories. To keep them alive – forever.