About us

Helena Vagnières, Hedi Bäbler, Christine Munz

Professional chronologists capturing your parental insights and feelings during your infant’s early childhood through image, lighting, and sound, we are an all-women team with more than twenty years of experience in cinema and television. Our personal know-how not only encompasses directing, camerawork, and editing, but also motherhood. With us, you’ll feel at ease while we professionally and respectfully evoke and frame this intimate part of your life.

Hedi Bäbler, Film Academy Budapest, Master of Arts, Directing
Interviewer und Editor

Hedi Bäbler IMDB Hedi Bäbler

Christine Munz, Photographer / ZHdK, Master of Arts, DoP

Christine Munz bildstand.ch Cinematographinnen/Christine Munz

Helena Vagnières, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, DoP (Documentary), Member Swiss Film Academy

Helena Vagnières IMDB Helena Vagnières